Example label for corporate lip balm
Natural Lip Balm - Frequently Asked Questions
Custom Promotional Lip Balm
What flavours can I choose from?
There are currently 15 flavours to choose from.   See at right.

What is the minimum order quantity?
You can order 100 customised lip balms for your first order.
Minimum reorder quantity is 250.

What can I have on my label?
You can have just what you want on your tubes.  Many people have some or all of these: Company Name,  Address,  Phone,  Logo, Web Address,  Email,  Photo/Graphics.  See some examples at right.

How long does it take to get my lip balms?
Usually we allow 21 days from confirmation of your label design for your lip balms to be delivered to you.  Often it is a bit sooner. If you have a special date in mind or need an urgent order, talk to us so we can see how we can help you.

How do I get my label designed?
We have in-house designers to assist you in having your label just how you want it-very economically.  If you prefer, You are welcome to have your own graphic designer prepare your label  - we can send them the template and specifications.

Do the lip balms have a use-by date?
The lip Balms are an All Natural product, with no chemical preservatives.  To make sure you have the freshest product possible, the Lip Balms are best given to your customers within 6 months of you receiving your order, however they are often going well at 12 months.

What happens if my customer is unhappy with the lip balm?
We undertake to replace any Lip Balm product which your customer may be unhappy with.
Lip Balm Flavours    Lip Balm Flavors
Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions
Fundraising Lip Balm
Custom Promotional Lip Balm
Custom Promotional Lip Balm
Custom Promotional Lip Balm
Special Message lip Balm
Special Message Lip Balm
corporate lip balm
Vanilla Peach
Strawberry Lime
Strawberry/Vanilla Peppermint/Lemongrass
Peppermint Banana
Mango Lemongrass
Spearmint Chocolate
Coconut Choc/Mint
Sweet Orange  
Choices for Lip Balm Flavours
Example label for corporate lip balm
Can I have a customised display stand for my customised lip balms? 
Yes. A display stand holds 18 tubes.  It is 135 x 135x 75 mm-perfect for a counter top.  Ideal for retail sale!
Lip Balm Display stand