natural Lip Balm - Uses
Special uses

We’ve found a way you can end each client visit with a special gift - a gesture that reflects your attention to quality and concern for their well being.   Extremely popular with Dentists, Orthodontists and Dental Surgeries who use as a gift or to reinforce the message to care for teeth, they also work as a recall reminder.

Non-profit organisations, educational institutions and clubs  value our customised lipbalm as recruitment tools in gaining new members or staff.

Your beauty salon, or day spa ensures your clients experience leaves them feeling happy, healthy and beautiful long after they leave the salon. You  can extend that feeling and keep your clients thinking of you all year long with promotional natural lip balm! Your clients will be reminded daily of your thoughtfulness and attentive service each time they use your branded promotional lip balm. What a great, cost effective way to keep your name...on their lips.
Use in a mailer as an attention getter!

Did you know that your lip balm is easy to send by post-fits in an envelope-to go with a card or invoice or...whatever you like! Postal cost only $1.20 in Australia.
can help you market your business
to :
Value add  - “Gift with purchase”
Gift-Thank you for your custom
Bonus at Open Day,  or with  launch
of a  new product or service
Birthday or Christmas Gift
Free giveaway with new membership
“Sorry” gift when things don’t go just right
A memorable calling card when providing a quote
As a “Please  recommend a friend” tool
Gift-Thank you for your service or support
Unique giveaway at Expos, Conferences,
Launches, or Open Days
Celebration gift for Christmas or special event
“Sorry” gift when things don’t go just right
Leave as a memorable calling card when
meeting new contacts
Suppliers and Other Businesses
Reward for employees
Unique fundraiser
Retail with great returns (at least 100% mark up)
How  a Customised Lip Balm
Your customised lip balm is a 3-dimensional business card - that gets used frequently!
Custom Promotional Lip Balm